Bianca Nemelc is a New York City artist born in Manhattan in April 1991. A self taught painter, Nemelc’s work celebrates the brown figure, lovingly nicknamed “ *Big Sigh* ” by imagining scenes for introspection and playfulness among lush, verdant landscapes and bodies of water.  The nickname “ *Big Sigh* ” is meant to be an action for the viewer more than a name to call the figures, imposing a moment to breathe and re-center when talking about the work.

Growing up in Washington Heights, Bianca found meaningful connections to the nature among the chaos of the city in her relationship to the Hudson River which hugged the edges of her neighborhood. These personal memories along with her love of family history, fuels a desire to explore the many landscapes traversed by her family and what ultimately led to calling New York City “home.” Each painting is both a process of reimagining and self-discovery inspired by the flora and fauna of generations of migration, allowing Nemelc to dream up new spaces to find rest, joy and connection to the world and all it’s vastness.

Selected Duo + Group Shows 

April 2024 - Luis Buhl “The Listening World” with Caris Reid, Detroit, MI.
February 2024 - Albertz Benda “Beyond The Visible”, Los Angeles, CA.
October 2023 - Swivel Gallery “Botany of Desire”, New York, NY.
July 2023 - Hashimoto Contemporary “Lush II”, New York, NY
October 2022 - The Mistake Room “Sueñx”, Los Angeles, CA.   
July 2021 - Ross+Kramer Gallery “Up Close & Personal” New York, NY.
February 2021- Jenkins Johnson Gallery “De Lo Mio”, New York, NY.
January 2021- Taymour Grahne Projects “Contemporary Domesticity”, London, UK.
July 2020- Hashimoto Contemporary “Somebody”, San Francisco, CA.
June, 2019 - Monique Meloche Gallery, “Show Me Yours” Chicago, IL.

Solo Exhibitions

May 2024 - Hashimoto Contemporary “Gardens”, Taipei DangDai Art Fair, Taipei, TW.
June 2023 - Ross+Kramer Gallery “The Valley of Many-Colored Grass”, New York, NY.
April 2023 - Ojiri Gallery “The Earth That Birthed You”, London, UK.
December 2022 - Steve Turner Gallery “Eutierria”, Los Angeles, CA.
August 2022 - Woaw Gallery “Sea, I’m Awake”, Central, Hong Kong.
April 2022- Hashimoto Contemporary “Austral Summer”, New York, NY.
June 2021- Ramp Gallery “Terra Firma”, London, UK.